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Plants Ireland

Looking for the best plants in IrelandFernhill Garden Centre in Athlone, Co Westmeath is in the centre of Ireland and is one of the leading garden centres to buy plants in Ireland. Plants in Ireland

A fantastic range is available - all backed up with superb advice, based on our many years of gardening knowledge and experience. All of our staff are ready and able to answer your gardening queries.

All of our products are quality-checked to keep up with our Fernhill high standards. All of our shelves are fully stocked. And of course, all of our efforts will go into making your shopping experience the best it can be!

Visit us today to find the plants you're looking for.


Looking for Plants in Ireland?

We have a full range of all the plants you could need, with one of the best selections of plants in Ireland.

  • Shrubs,
  • trees,
  • herbaceous perennials,
  • bedding plants,
  • herbs,
  • roses,
  • climbing plants - and many others.

You won't be disappointed with our selection! The soil in Ireland is very rich and we have a wide variety of stock to complement this.

Our stock is all sourced from trusted growers who we have worked with for many years. And who, therefore, understand the high standards we have in providing products our customers love.

Plants in Ireland  plants in Ireland

Plants in Ireland

Plants are at the heart of our business, and having the best plants in Ireland is something that we're striving to achieve every day. We hope that our plants bring as much joy to the gardeners who visit our centre, as they do to our staff arranging them in beautiful displays. Speaking of our staff - They are quite a friendly bunch! If you're ever in need of any advice just ask one of our happy chaps around the store. Gardening is our passion, and giving out knowledgeable plant advice, is just as important to us as selling plants. Take a look at some of our gardening tips on the website if you're not near the garden centre.

Irish plants at Fernhill Garden Centre

If you are looking for large or small, deciduous or evergreen, shrubby or perennial or any other types or varieties, there are no better ranges of plants in Ireland.  We can help you with just one or two plants to plug gaps in your garden, or supply you with dozens if you are starting from scratch!  Come and have a look at our fantastic selection, and make the most of the gardening knowledge, tips and advice we can offer!

Ready to find plants in Ireland? Visit Fernhill Garden Centre in County WestmeathVisit us today.