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Heaters & Fire pits

Are you looking for outdoor heaters and fire pits? Take a look at our range below or visit our Garden Centre in Athlone. We love to be outside for gardening, enjoying the fresh air, relaxing with friends, and we want to hold on to this feeling as long as possible. With outdoor gas heaters and fire pits, you extend the outdoor-living feeling.

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Create the Ultimate Outdoor Living

Here at Fernhill Garden Centre, you find electric outdoor heaters, fire baskets, fire pits, and many more products like plaids, lounge sets and candles to create the perfect Autumn/Winter evening. At Fernhill Garden Centre, we offer more products to create the perfect outdoor living. Discover our garden furniture section. We offer:

  • Benches,

  • Tables,

  • Chairs,

  • Lounge Sets,

  • Bean Bags,

  • Outdoor Scatter Cushions,

  • Furniture Covers,

  • and many more.

Treasure the little things in life and spend time with your beloved ones. 

Gas fire pits

Gas fire pits offer numerous benefits that make them a popular choice for outdoor heating and ambiance. At Fernhill Garden Centre in Athlone, Ireland we provide a wide range of gas fire pits. One of the key advantages of a gas outdoor fire pit is the convenience it offers. With just a flick of a switch, you can enjoy instant warmth and a cozy atmosphere without the hassle of gathering firewood or dealing with sparks and ashes. Gas fire pits also provide precise temperature control, allowing you to adjust the heat to your preference. They are easy to maintain and clean, as there is no residue or ash to deal with. Additionally, gas fire pits are considered safer than traditional wood-burning fire pits since there is no open flame or embers that can pose a risk. They also emit fewer smoke and odours, creating a more pleasant and comfortable environment. Enhance your outdoor space with a gas fire pit from Fernhill Garden Centre and enjoy the warmth, convenience, and aesthetics it brings to your gatherings and relaxation time.

Fire pits Ireland

We all know the ultimate campfire feeling we see in movies: one plays the guitar, and friends sing out loud songs until midnight. Why would this feeling only be possible in movies? What do you need to replicate this feeling? Let's start with a beautiful fire pit from Fernhill Garden Centre. We have a wide range of fire pitsoutdoor gas fire pits, fire baskets and chimeneas. We offer more than just a fire pit; we want to create the ultimate outdoor feeling. How do we do this? By showing you the infinite options to enjoy an Autumn/Winter evening at home. As we are spending more and more time at home, we want to inspire you about making your home feel warm and cosy. Not just indoors, but especially outdoors. Visit our garden centre or check out the webshop for cosy fire pits.

Outdoor Heaters

Outdoor gas heaters are perfect to create cosy evenings. At Fernhill Garden Centre, we sell more than just an outdoor heater. We offer you the complete outside living package. Add romantic candles, soft plaids and fluffy cushions to your outside living or under the canopy.  In our webshop and in our garden centre, you find electric outdoor heaters, table heaters and hanging heaters to create the perfect Autumn/Winter evening. Treasure the little things in life and spend time with your beloved ones. No better feeling than sitting outside with a mug filled with hot chocolate, and an outside heater that keeps you warm. You don't have to go inside for the cold, just enjoy outdoor living as long as possible with the outdoor heaters of Fernhill.

La Hacienda

La Hacienda is the perfect brand for outdoor heating. These high-quality products are designed to enhance outdoor living. Chill out in the warmth of a real wood fire or enjoy the heat of an electric outdoor heater. La Hacienda has something for everyone. The luxury-designed fire pits of La Hacienda give you the ultimate camping feeling in your own garden. Living outdoors reduces stress, makes you happy and is good for your health. Why not spend more time outside? Transform your garden into a warm and cosy place to tell stories, make memories and chill with friends with products of La Hacienda. From traditional fire baskets to innovative fireplaces, check it out in our webshop or experience the feeling at our garden centre in Athlone.

La Hacienda Outdoor Cooking

Did you know you can also use La Hacienda products for outdoor cooking? By adding a grill on top of the fire pit, you can grill meat, fish and vegetables, roast marshmallows, and enjoy outdoor living. Choose from different materials, styles and colours. La Hacienda offers minimalistic both as statement pieces to fit in any type of garden.