Garden Furniture Covers

Are you looking for furniture covers? Protect your garden furniture from bad weather conditions. Our covers for garden furniture are UV-resistant and offer year-round protection. Take a look at our range or visit our garden centre store in Athlone. 

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Furniture Covers

To make sure you can enjoy your garden furniture as long as possible, it's important to protect them from bad weather conditions. Fernhill offers a wide range of furniture covers suitable for any garden furniture. We store furniture covers for several furniture sets, such as 4-seaters, 6-seaters, and 8-seaters. Whether you have a corner set, a 4 seater dining set, a bistro set or a sunbathing bed, we have the right furniture covers for you.

Why Use a Furniture Cover?

A professional furnishing cover will keep moisture and debris out. Whether you have a soft sofa including cushions or a hard surface like a bistro set, garden furniture always needs to be protected. By using a furniture cover, you extend the lifespan of your furnishing. Keep your garden furniture looking fresh and new and cover your garden furniture with furniture covers from our webshop. Here are some reasons to use furniture covers: 

  • protection against humidity, rain and snow
  • protection against UV rays
  • helps prevent colour fading
  • extends the lifespan of your furniture

Furniture Cover - Fernhill

Do I Always Need a Furniture Cover?

Even if you live in an area that doesn't experience extreme weather or changes in seasons, we always recommend using furniture covers. This gives your furniture an extra layer of protection and will even keep out small amounts of morning dew or pollination. Some materials can't handle too much sun, so it's always better to use a cover. Besides the protection reason, you also make sure your furniture is always ready to use since you don't have to clean it before using it.

Buy Furniture Covers For Your Garden Furniture

As you start your search for the best furniture cover, it may help to know what you should keep in mind. There are endless options with furniture covers. We've made a list of the things you should think of before buying a furniture cover: 

1. Know the dimensions of your furniture

  • If you want your cover to fit perfectly, it’s important to know the dimensions of your furniture. Sometimes, we have the exact cover for your particular furniture set, like a 4 seat dining set, a 6 seat round dining set, or an 8 seat rectangular dining set. If you have a divergent model or a combined set, you should measure your dimensions before buying a cover. Measure the length, width and height of your furniture (set).
  • Buying a cover that is too short gives you too little space to securely cover your whole set. This will cause open space, and your products are not covered well.
  • If you buy a too wide cover, it will cause trap water and dirt at the base of the furniture. For these reasons, buying furniture covers that fit perfectly is crucial.

2. Choose the right material

  • You want your furniture to be fully protected. It’s important to look out for waterproof covers that are still breathable. Waterproof covers will protect your furniture even in the heaviest rainfall. Pick a furniture cover that can withstand heavy rains. The best waterproofing material is vinyl. Vinyl allows water droplets to bead up and slide down the cover. This way, the cover doesn’t get soaked from little rain.
  • No matter what type of material you choose, always make sure your furniture is clean and dry before you cover it up with a cover. Otherwise, mildew or mould will build up.
  • Breathable material will help prevent condensation and humidity build-up.

Furniture Cover - Fernhill

How To Use Furniture Covers

Covering your furniture is not the only this that’s needed when it’s bad weather. When the weather is very windy, high winds will hit your cover, and your furniture will be exposed. If you don’t want your cover to be blown away, pick one with straps or a tie-down.The easiest way to use furniture covers is by choosing a model that has tie-downs. With these straps, you can tie down each end to a leg of each piece of furniture. The cover will stay in place, and no weather conditions will blow your cover away.

Buy Furniture Covers Online

Fernhill offers a superb selection of furniture covers. Select the one that fits your furniture set perfectly. If you need help by choosing the right one, please call us. We are always happy to help.

Are garden furniture covers waterproof?

Covering your garden furniture properly is of utmost importance to keep your furniture looking fresh and new. The best way to do this is by investing in properly fitting garden furniture covers to keep all water and soil out. Fernhill’s garden furniture covers are always waterproof and will keep your garden furniture protected through even the harshest weather conditions.

Although garden furniture covers are waterproof and will rarely let any moisture slip through, it’s essential to know that a garden furniture cover should fit well to provide optimal protection. If a garden furniture cover is too small, getting it on your furniture will be too much of a hassle. On the other hand, a garden furniture cover that’s too big tends to accumulate water puddles, making the cover prone to damage.


Do you need to cover garden furniture?

Covering up your garden furniture with a cover is highly recommended, since a garden furniture cover will keep moisture and soil away, making your garden furniture last considerably longer. Not every piece of garden furniture has to be covered necessarily, it depends on the type of garden furniture, as well as your preferences. According to Fernhill, you need to get your garden furniture covered up if…

  • …Your garden furniture is made of a non-water resistant material. For instance, wooden garden furniture is best covered up to preserve the wood’s looks and state. On the other hand, materials like aluminium and rattan are water-proof and will be fine without cover.

  • …Your garden furniture is too big or heavy to be stored away after use. If your garden furniture collection merely consists of a few reclining chairs that you can easily take inside, garden furniture covers will not be necessary. However, displacing an entire lounge or dining set will prove itself to be quite the hassle, in which case simply covering it up might be more efficient.

  • … your garden furniture comes with cushions or other textile parts. These types of accessories tend to be vulnerable to water damage and shouldn’t be getting wet. Outdoor cushions, rugs, plaids and carpets should not be left out without a garden furniture cover.


Can you wash garden furniture covers?

Washing your garden furniture covers is essential to keep the cover looking clean and fresh. On top of that, cleaning your garden furniture covers every once in a while will lower the chance of them getting damaged.

The best way to wash your garden furniture cover is by using water, green soap and a soft brush. Rinse your cover with water, then apply the soap to it using the brush. Make sure to get off any soil or dirt, then rinse it all off with more water.

Besides washing your garden furniture cover, making sure it doesn’t get too dirty in the first place is also a good idea. This can be done by investing in a well-fitting one, so no puddles of water accumulate on top of it. Also, place your garden furniture away from bushes and trees that shed a lot, so your garden furniture cover doesn’t catch all of the loose foliage.


How to clean garden furniture covers?

Giving your garden furniture covers a thorough cleaning from time to time ensures it looks clean and fresh all the time. Another reason to clean your garden furniture covers is to lower the chance of damage.

Washing your garden furniture cover is best done using water, green soap and a soft brush. Rinse the cover with some water and apply the green soap with the brush. Repeat it to ensure no soil or dirt gets left behind, and finish with another rinse.

After washing your garden furniture cover, it’s essential to make sure it doesn’t get dirty again. Invest in a well-fitting cover, so it doesn’t accumulate puddles of water and dirt on top. Another good way to keep both your garden furniture and the covers clean is by placing your furniture away from shedding bushes and trees.


How to fit garden furniture covers?

Garden furniture covers can pose a solution to the challenges you face when trying to keep your furniture pieces clean and ready to use. However, a garden furniture cover should be well-adapted to the piece of furniture it’s meant for, both in size and other properties. Do you need to know more about picking the right cover for your garden furniture? Keep on reading!

A garden furniture cover must be of the correct size. Make sure to measure your garden furniture's length, width, and height before you visit any store. When picking the proper size, please take into account a few inches extra to ease the process of putting it on. Do make sure the cover isn’t too big either, lest you want it to fly off with every gust of wind passing by.


What are the best garden furniture covers?

Garden furniture covers come in all shapes and sizes. This means you have a wide range to pick from. But which one is the best? The best garden furniture covers are usually the ones specifically designed for the piece of garden furniture you own. Many brands sell matching garden furniture covers alongside their garden furniture, and most of the time, these are the types of covers you should invest in.

The best garden furniture covers are the ones that fit well, are waterproof and are made of a sturdy material that doesn’t rip or break easily. A good fit ensures no puddles of water or dirt accumulate on it, and it stays right in place, even in harsh weather conditions. Waterproofness keeps moisture away from your garden furniture, so it stays looking clean and fresh as time goes on. Take a look at the Fernhill assortment and pick the right cover for your garden furniture.


Garden furniture covers for bistro set?

Having a bistro set in your garden is fantastic and will provide you with many opportunities to enjoy your backyard to the fullest. However, keeping it clean and fresh can be difficult. A garden furniture cover will surely come in handy, so visit Fernhill in-store in Athlone or the online shop.

Bistro sets come in all shapes and sizes, so picking a garden furniture cover that fits well is essential. If your bistro set is relatively lightweight and compact, Fernhill recommends storing it away after use. For a bigger model, Fernhill offers a range of garden furniture covers that will keep it clean through even the harshest weather conditions. If possible, take the chairs inside when not used, so only the table needs a garden furniture cover.