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Fire pits and fire baskets

To enhance outdoor livingfire pits and fire baskets can't be missed in your garden. Add cosiness and warmth to your garden with a firepit or a fire basket. Visit our garden centre in Athlone or order online in our webshop.

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Fire elements for your garden

If you like to decorate your garden with a nice fire element, there is a wide range of quality fire pits and fire baskets for you to choose from at Fernhill. Other options, like outdoor fireplaces, heaters and barbecues are also available. For everyone with a preference for subtility, Fernhill offers all kinds of candles, even scented ones.

All kinds of fire baskets

If you want to provide your garden with a cool yet cosy appearance, a fire basket is the right choice for you. Thanks to its warmth, your garden enjoyment will never be limited to the warmer months. Add a fire basket to your garden for a friendly atmosphere with a robust and mature twist to it.

There are different kinds of affordable fire baskets for sale at Fernhill, all made of high-quality materials. There is a right fire basket available for everyone, thanks to the wide range of great products. Here you will find fire baskets with built-in BBQ grills, smoke pipes or even a fire basket with a lid. Fire baskets made of cast iron look great and will last you a long time, or consider a fire basket made of stone for an extra robust look. Looking for a little extra? Then take a look at our sale of fire basket tables. Purchase an extra-large fire basket to enjoy the outdoors on even the coldest nights.

How to use a fire basket?

A fire basket should always be used outdoors, away from flammable objects like dried-out vegetative material or synthetic clothes. Keep small kids and animals at a distance from your fire basket.

How to light a fire basket?

In Ireland, fire baskets are sometimes called fire log baskets instead, which pretty much sums up how to light them. First, ensure you’ve filled your fire basket with high-quality logs. Add lightly flammable material like newspaper scraps or firelighter pellets that will instantly light up and make the heavy logs catch fire easier. Give it a few minutes, and you’ll have a cosily burning fire in your backyard in no time!

Fire pits for sale

Enjoy your garden, even in lower temperatures, by using a beautiful fire pit available at Fernhill. Add a fire pit to your backyard to ensure a nice ambience, warmth and conviviality.

Before you purchase a fire pit, think about what you’re looking for and what product best suits your wishes. A fire pit made of cast iron, for example, provides your garden with a robust vibe and comes in many different shapes and sizes. Fire pits made of stainless steel are well resistant to heat and will last a long time. Are you looking for more? Then take a look into the various larger fire pits, which are very suitable for bigger events—ideal for a chill night with family and friends. Finish off your fire pit with a BBQ grill, which makes a fire pit even more versatile. Finally, take a closer look at the fire pits on gas for an easy-to-use alternative.

Everything you want to know about fire pits

Since fire pits have been gaining popularity throughout Ireland, many questions regarding these fantastic garden accessories have come up. If you’re looking to buy a fire pit soon but still lack some essential information regarding their use, the best lighting methods or how to maintain them, make sure to keep on reading.

What to burn in a fire pit?

That depends on what type of fire pit you’ve got. Fire pits either work on wood or gas; if you’ve got a wood fire pit, you will need to add logs and branches to it to burn correctly and give your garden that homely ambience. A gas fire pit, however, will have to be connected to a gas container, after which you’ll be able to turn your fire pit on and off at your leisure without putting in any effort.

How to light a fire pit?

Make sure to use well-dried wooden logs in a wood fire pit and lightly flammable lighting material of your choice. Light the lighting material first; this will easily catch fire, and soon enough, the fire will spread to heavier logs.

How to use a fire pit?

Make sure to put safety first at all times! Only use your fire pit outside in the garden, and always keep a safe distance from it when it’s lit. Be sure to watch your kids and pets around a lit fire pit. Opting for a firepit table outside creates a border around the fire pit, ensuring a bit more safety while looking elegant and refined.

Purchasing a fire pit or fire basket

Whether you are looking for a nice fire basket, a luxurious outdoor fireplace or some gorgeous candles, Fernhill has everything you need. Come by and enjoy our assortment in our showroom, or shop online on our website. Any questions? Our staff is happy to answer all of them. Calling in or contacting us by e-mail is no problem either. Hopefully, we’ll see you soon at Fernhill!