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No green fingers needed....

There are over 430,000 species of plants in the world. So how can you possibly be sure what’s right for your garden? Handily, Fernhill’s qualified horticulturalists have the answers…

We love sharing our deep knowledge and steering you towards the right plants for your garden. Its size, shape or condition doesn’t matter and you don’t have to know a daffodil from a dahalia. We’ll happily tell you which plants will help create a stunning garden that’s alive with colour, texture and variety.

Outdoor plants

Grow for it!

What would look blooming amazing in your garden? Just ask...

Fernhill now offers a choice of over 1,500 outdoor plant types. The vast majority are grown in Ireland, which means we’re supporting local suppliers. It also means our plants can cope with whatever the Irish climate has up its sleeve.

Saying that, they still need proper care. Fernhill’s qualified horticulturalists can tell you how to keep them happy and healthy. Ask us any questions you like – we have all the hints, tips and tricks to ensure your garden survives and thrives.

Indoor plants


Get the inside story on indoor plants

There’s an art to choosing indoor plants. They need to make a statement while complementing existing décor. At the same time, they shouldn’t require endless maintenance. It’s a lot to ask – but at Fernhill, we have just as many answers.

Our huge stock of indoor plants ranges from the familiar to the exotic. If you’re not sure what’s right for your space, just ask. We’ll expertly steer you towards the perfect plants to match your space, lighting and budget.

You have the space. We have the plants – and all the know-how you need to make your indoors absolutely plant-astic!