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Gift Cards

You can buy gift cards for any occasion. We offer digital gift cards and paper gift vouchers. You decide what the value of the gift voucher is. Digital gift vouchers are available from €5. We offer paper gift vouchers from €5 up to €50. Paper vouchers get €1 shipping costs, and digital gift cards are directly sent to your email. Use Fernhill Gift Vouchers at our garden centre. You don't have to spend all of the value at once. Discover all our products and find yourself the perfect garden, home or plant item. 

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Gift cards are the perfect gift for every occasion

Fernhill Garden Centre offers the perfect solution for those seeking a thoughtful and versatile gift: their coveted gift cards. These cards provide recipients with the freedom to explore the vast array of plants, garden accessories, homewares, and more available at the centre. Whether you're looking to surprise a dedicated gardener or someone just starting their horticultural journey, the gift card ensures they can choose exactly what they want. It's a considerate way to cater to individual tastes, guaranteeing your present is both meaningful and always in season.