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Garden Tools

The right garden tools make any garden job easier. Prune roses, rake the lawn, cultivate the bedding, get rid of weed with a weeding brush, and many more. Fernhill offers professional garden tools for amateur and professional gardeners. Discover the newest products of the well-known brand Wolf Garden Tools.

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What are basic garden tools?

Every gardener needs certain garden tools to help them with their outdoor tasks. To keep an overview and avoid buying too many unnecessary items, Fernhill suggests investing in a few high-quality basics that will last you a long time. Some of these essential basic garden tools include:

  • Gloves. They’ll keep your hands clean and away from splinters, thorns and nastily stinging plants and insects.

  • Hand trowels. These smaller tools are perfect for digging out weeds and planting or displacing new greenery.

  • Rakes. They’re an important addition to your collection, since they’re necessary to keep your garden tidy and free of loose leaves.

  • Hoes. The hoe is a commonly used garden tool to prepare flower beds and cut down weeds.


Can garden tools be stored outside?

While some garden tools can be left outside for eternity without ever getting damaged, the most common recommendation is to safely store them away. If you’re wondering why this is, take a look at the main reasons not to leave your garden tools out after use:

  • Most quality gardening tools are made of metal and/or wood. This means rain and soil can wreak havoc on them and leave them in a way worse state. If they’ve got paint on them that can start peeling off, there’s even more reason to give them a proper place in your shed.

  • Smaller garden tools can easily get lost. Hand trowels, gloves and watering cans shouldn’t be left out for this reason. On top of that, pricier garden tools can also get stolen.

  • Safety is the final reason not to leave your garden tools out and about. Everyone knows the funny cartoons of people standing on rakes with the handles swinging right in their faces as a result. However, this also happens in real life and trust us- it hurts. Garden tools with long handles and/or pointy metal spikes have no business being outside longer than necessary.


What garden tools do I need?

Garden tools come in all shapes and sizes, so navigating through the wide range of available products can seem impossible. That’s why Fernhill is here to help. If you need some advice on which garden tools to get, keep reading!

Different garden tools serve different purposes. Your personal preference and the state of your garden determine which of them you need. If you’re still struggling to make a choice, take a look at our recommendations for must-have garden tools:

  • Gloves are an absolute necessity. They will keep your hands clean and away from splinters, spiky plants and angry insects.

  • A hand trowel is perfect for digging out weeds and planting or displacing new greenery. If you’ve got a green garden, one of these should definitely be present in your shed.

  • When autumn comes around, and loose sticks and leaves start taking over your garden, a rake will come in handy.

  • Finally, a hoe is used to prepare the ground for new plants and cut down weeds. Again, a must-have garden tool if you have a green garden.


Which garden tools to buy?

If you’re looking for new garden tools, visit Fernhill in Athlone or look at the wide range available on our website. Fernhill offers customers an elaborate assortment of high-quality gardening tools from renowned brands.

To make sure your plants thrive in your garden, giving them the very best care possible is important. However, this can prove itself to be quite tricky, since every plant has different needs. Many gardeners face this problem; luckily, Wolf Garten gardening tools offer a solution. For instance, please look at our Wolf Garten hedge pruners, available in many different shapes and sizes. Wolf Garten garden tools are known for their easy usability, and their hedge pruners can be enhanced with a telescopic handle, making the tool even more versatile!

Besides hedge pruners, Wolf Garten offers a wide variety of other garden tools that will surely come in handy. Think rakes, hoes, secateurs and shears. Visit Fernhill Garden Centre in Athlone or look at our Wolf Garten garden tools online.