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Hybrid BBQ

If you want to take advantage of charcoal and gas BBQ's, choose a Hybrid BBQ. Take a look at our range below or visit Fernhill in Athlone.

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Grillstream BBQ collections

Looking for a revolutionary barbecue? Take a look at our Grillstream barbecues collection. Grillstream barbecues offer the convenience of gas in combination with traditional charcoal. This BBQ is versatile and produces tastier and healthier food. Grillstream barbecues are quick to light, easy to clean and offer flexible cooking.

The Grillstream BBQ is a revolutionary product that offers a tastier, healthier and cleaner way of barbecuing. Grillstream BBQs have been developed to ensure food retains all the flavour whilst the barbecue master can choose between two types of fuel: gas and charcoal.

‘Less fat, no flare-ups, more flavour!’

Grillstream BBQs are innovative and come with new features to increase the ultimate barbecue feeling. Here’s why you should choose a Grillstream BBQ. 

When fat drips down onto the burner, causing a burst of flame, we call this a flare-up. With the Grillstream, you won’t be experiencing any more dangerous situations when you’re grilling a juicy steak. With the unique double U-shaped grills, you channel away oils and fats:

  • This makes the barbecuing healthier and less fat.
  • No more high flames that cause burnt food or dried out meat.
  • Easily dispose of oils and fats with the collection cup.

Grillstream BBQs provide:

  • Low flames
  • Evenly cooked food
  • Juicy meat

Easy to clean

Grillstream BBQs are easy to clean because the fats and oils are channelled away to the collection cup. Only minimal fat drips down to the inner BBQ, so all you need to do is brush and clean the grills and empty the fat collection cup.

  • When you’re done using the BBQ, you must clean your BBQ to make it last longer:
  • Close the lid and put the barbecue at the highest setting for about 5 to 10 minutes.
  • Turn off all the burners, and when the barbecue has cooled, wipe over with a damp cloth and coat with cooking oil.
  • Use a brass bristle wire cleaning brush to clean the grills.
  • Always protect yourself by using a barbecue mitt or protective gloves while cleaning.

Hybrid BBQ System

New for 2021: all Grillstream BBQs come with a revolutionary hybrid system that offers you the chance to use gas, coals or both. You can decide whether you cook on gas or charcoal each time you cook. Using charcoal, simply add charcoal to the charcoal by lifting the grills and using the gas burners to light it up, then turn off the burners and enjoy the traditional charcoal BBQ taste. 

  • Quick to light up: with the benefits of using the burners from the gas BBQ, your charcoals will be light instantly. You won’t be needing any lighter fluid or paraffin cubes. Simply light the gas burners and wait for about 15 minutes until the coals are ready to use and turn off the burners.
  • Flexible cooking allows you to use all gas, all charcoal, or any combination of the two. You can grill big pieces of meat on the charcoals and leave the rest of the barbecue nice and controlled on the gas.
  • Easy to clean: oils and fats are channelled away and transported to the collection cup. The ash and only the ash from the charcoals will be stored in an ashtray that you can easily open and empty in a bin.

Grillstream BBQ Fuel

We recommend using Propane Gas or Patio gas for the Grillstream BBQs.

Use good quality BBQ fuel to light up the charcoals. You can choose between briquettes or lump wood. Briquettes provide a nice long, even burn that doesn’t peak in the heat too quickly. Lumpwood produces very intense heat for a shorter amount of time which needs more attention to get the best results. Both have their pros and cons. We offer different BBQ fuels to use for a Grillstream BBQ.

Buy Grillstream BBQ online

Fernhill is one of the stockists of Grillstream BBQs in Ireland. We have a selective range available. Choose the BBQ that fits your needs and experience the newest trend in barbecuing. Order a stylish BBQ that offers the convenience of both gas and charcoal. Become a barbecue master and buy a Grillstream BBQ online from our webshop. We offer a click and collect and delivery to your home. Any questions? Please contact us by sending an email to info@fernhill.ie or give us a call on 090 6475574.