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Water Features

Are you looking for water features for your garden? Take a look at our online selection below and add your favourite products to your cart. 

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Creating ambience in your garden

Are you looking for something to add to your garden? Then you have come to the right place! Fernhill has a beautiful collection of water features ready for your garden, available in all shapes and sizes. Are you looking for a stone water feature, or would you prefer one made of plastic with LED-lights on it? The possibilities are truly endless!

Garden water features of natural stone

Most water features are made of stone. Especially natural stone is very popular when it comes to modern water features. Since water features are usually placed outside in gardens and backyards, it is of the utmost importance that these are made from high quality materials. The water feature cannot be damaged by harsh weather or the stream of water flowing through it. Water ornaments are usually made of:

  • Marble;
  • Granite;
  • Plastic;
  • Concrete.

How does a water feature work?

Most water features consist of three separate parts, which are the water tank, the water pump and the water feature itself. This last part is what you see when looking at it. Water comes from the feature, like a small fountain. This water is pumped up by the pump inside of the feature. The water tank is simply a water container, from which the pump uses the water to operate the water feature. If you choose to install your water feature next to a body of water, like a pond, installing a water tank isn’t necessary, since the body of water takes its place.

Water features with lighting

To be able to enjoy your water feature every moment of the day, it is possible to choose to include lighting in the water feature. This way, your water feature will stand out in the dark! The LED-lights will beautifully illuminate the water in the water feature, which makes for a magical effect! Provide your garden with an elegant and mysterious appearance by adding an illuminated water feature made of natural stone.

Fernhills water features

Come by Fernhill to enjoy our wide array of water features! Would you prefer to order your perfect water feature online? That is no problem, since our web shop offers you all kinds of gardening products in just a few easy clicks. Would you like advice on which water feature to choose? Our staff is happy to assist you and make the right choice! Fernhill is opened 7 days a week. We hope to see you soon at Fernhill.

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