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Weber gas bbq

Are you looking for a Weber gas BBQ? Take a look at our range below or visit Fernhill's centre in Athlone.

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Barbecue is a Lifestyle

When done right, the cooking possibilities with a barbecue are endless. Think beyond meat alone and explore the many options and techniques that are out there. Pay your respects to the art of grilling and choose the BBQ master that suits your needs best. Whether you're a professional grillmaster or just getting started, we have the best bbq for you. 

Benefits of a Weber Gas BBQ

Gas BBQs may not give you the smokey BBQ flavour as charcoal BBQs do, but gas BBQs have many advantages. They're:

  • Clean
  • Convenient
  • Fast to come to cooking temperature
  • Easy to light
  • Complete controllable temperature over the whole grill
  • Quick and easy to clean

It's easy to use a gas barbecue. You have to open the gas bottle and light the barbecue. Install the right flame 

What's Your Type? 

There are many options for gas BBQs available in our store. What suits you best could be different for every individual, depending on your cooking preferences and optimal user experience. For example, look at the Weber Spirit EP335 Premium Gas BBQ. This absolute beauty of a classic could help you set up an entire meal for the whole family. Gas barbecues light instantly and are ready to use. You don't have to wait for the briquettes to warm up, so you can immediately start showing off your skills.

A Gas BBQ for Everyone

Are you Interested in a barbecue on the go? We've got you covered. With the portable Weber Go Anywhere Gas BBQ, you take your barbecues to the park, camping or even the beach. Have the taste of home while you're on the move. Take your Weber Go Anywhere Gas BBQ with you and enjoy perfectly grilled food wherever you go. The gas cans are filled with either butane or propane gas. We recommend keeping your gas cylinders out of the sun or in well-ventilated areas. Store it in an upright position and handle it with care.

Keep it Clean

If you want to enjoy your grill friend as long as possible, we recommend cleaning it after every usage and protecting it with a cover. Here's how to clean a gas bbq and what tools are needed. You will need cleansing tools, like Gloves, Grill brushes, Scraping tools, Sponge, and Cleaning Sprays.

  • Make sure the bbq has completely cooled off.
  • Spray on the Weber Grate Cleaner and leave it for 30 seconds. 
  • Brush off the grate with a stainless steel bristle brush and wipe clean with a sweet sponge. 

It's all that simple!