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Landscaping Athlone

Looking for landscaping in Athlone? Fernhill Landscape is a known name in landscaping in Athlone. The landscaping contractors business is run by the Reid family out of their very own Fernhill Garden Centre. Our landscaping firm is recognised by the Association of Landscape Contractors of Ireland (ALCI) and has received multiple awards for the quality of work in contracts completed over the past 32 years. We have lots more information on our services for garden design, construction and landscaping in Athlone and the surrounding area on our website. We are well established in the local area (since 1977), and have a wealth of experience and knowledge, both as a garden centre and as a landscaping service. Our landscaping team have years of experience in consultation, design and creating gardens that Athlone residents can be proud of. Let's just say that landscaping in Athlone is something that we're not new to! Some of our commercial landscaping clients include LIDL, DPD and Intel to name a few. But we can't forget the countless happy residents of Athlone that have used our landscaping expertise.

Our range of landscaping services in Athlone

Much like the nursery, the landscaping business is operated with a similar strategy of comprehensive offerings for our customers. With our team of certified professionals and track record of success spanning over three decades, we are not only known in the industry but respected as well. Our full-scale standard and custom landscaping services in Athlone include the following:

  • In-Office Design Consultation: This is a standard appointment service with a 30-minute consultation Landscaping Athlonemeeting in our offices at Fernhill Garden Centre. You will be asked to fill out a detailed questionnaire about your preferences and objectives for the landscaping you require in the garden. You can then bring the filled questionnaire, measurements, and photos of the area to the meeting so we can give you expert advice on what you need and how it can be achieved by drawing you a clear garden layout plan.
  • On-Site Design Consultation: If you require a more detailed evaluation of your garden or simply prefer that we visit your premises for the consultation, we can set an appointment and meet you there. This service has minimum charges of €100 but the benefits include our experts’ on-site presence and first-hand evaluation of the materials, layout, and work. This is a popular service for landscaping in Athlone and gives clients a clear outline plan to give their project direction.
  • Standard Design Landscape Plan: Starting from €250, this landscaping service offers a full-fledged master plan for the gardens. This plan guides the whole project in every aspect of design and construction. With this master plan in hand, you can decide the best time to line up the project in the coming months. The master plan is built in three simple stages: (a) The client calls us and we set up a meeting to collect important information on-site; (b) we present a rough plan with suitable options for every major aspect of the landscaping project; (c) the client marks their selections and we deliver a final draft of the detailed master plan. We can then sign a contract for all the landscaping work involved if the client wants us to do it for them.
  • Custom Design Landscape Plan: As a customer service, this landscape plan is built solely around the specific needs of the client. We only tend to the particular changes you want and charge you for them accordingly.
  • Other Services: When it comes to landscaping in Athlone, we have a number of other garden landscaping services to offer, including the planting of large trees, paving, decking, fencing, and more.
  • Grounds Maintenance: This service is more popular among our commercial clientele where the presentation of the grounds is as important as that of the offices indoors. At Fernhill Landscapes, we provide complete grounds maintenance services to our clients with lawn care, tree and shrubs pruning, weed control, litter removal, hard landscaping repairs, and planting.

A symbol of quality landscaping for private gardens & commercial landscapes

We take pride in providing our clients with the best landscaping services in the whole county. Our speciality lies in designing and constructing private gardens and delivering top-quality commercial landscaping. From design plans to rendering hard and soft works in commercial landscapes, we meet our challenges with excitement, passion, and aptitude, delivering the best in every aspect of the project.

When it comes to the commercial portfolio, we have many distinguished clients who were beyond satisfied with our landscaping services. These clients include Intel, Ericsson, IDA Ireland, Westmeath County Council, and The Department of Education & Skills, to name a few.

Always ready to help

Fernhill Garden Centre has a superb service offering design and landscaping in Athlone. You'll receive a half an hour consultation, a questionnaire that will get you thinking creatively and logically about your garden, and then another consultation with one of our experienced designers to discuss how we can make your vision a reality. Customer satisfaction and service have always been our guiding beacons over the decades. Our team is always willing to help and dispense professional advice to worried clients and inquirers. If you have any questions about our landscaping in Athlone, feel free to call us on 090 6475574 or email info@fernhill.ie.

Landscaping in Athlone Landscaping in Athlone