Garden furniture Athlone

Looking for garden furniture in Athlone? We have started to market garden furniture in Athlone. As this is a new domain for us, we are working on getting our customers best-in-the-market products and our customers already love the displays we have arranged in the nursery. With focus on style, comfort, variety, and strength, our collection of outdoor furniture in Athlone is fast becoming a favourite of the county’s garden owners.


Our growing range of garden furniture in AthloneBeautiful garden furniture in Athlone

Our displays of garden furniture in Athlone are considerably small for now. We want to make them the first choice for garden owners in the county but we also want to make sure we are doing it the right way. For now, our garden furniture can be divided into the following categories:

  • Lounging: Having the perfect lounging chair in the garden means you can truly relish in the warmth of the sun in the middle of all those beautiful plants and flowers you have grown. Spending some me-time in the garden can be a great refresher and the sun loungers in Athlone that we have on display are so comfortable, you might even fall asleep in the sun.
  • Tea Parties: Your garden is one of the most beautiful parts of your home. With our cast-metal ornate-looking set of garden chairs in Athlone with a beautifully designed tables, you can spend some quality time with family or close friends over Sunday afternoon tea. We also have a bistro duet set and other sets for four and six persons in our inventory.
  • Bigger Gatherings: For bigger parties, you can get one of our weave sofa sets for 7 to 9 persons with a couple of our beanie bag seats so there are no awkward moments over the sitting room in your garden. The beanie bag seats and weather-proof and durable so you can easily take them out to the garden whenever needed. The weave sofa sets are light and easy to move as well.

Choice brands that are loved in Britain & delivered to your doorstep

Since quality is our primary focus for us, we are carefully picking the furniture we sell to our customers. Our team has so far felt comfortable bringing in brands that garden owners in Britain have trusted over the years. The brands we have chosen for our collection of outdoor furniture in Athlone are renowned manufacturers who are known for their product quality and versatility in both design and style. These brands are Goldcoast, Kettler, and Leisuregrow.

We have a delivery service available at Fernhill Garden Centre for your garden furniture. So, whether you buy your outdoor furniture after a visit or through our webshop, you can have it delivered to your doorstep with delivery charges.

Get expert advice about outdoor furniture in Athlone

Our experts are always available in the nursery to help customers with their garden furniture needs. When you visit our premises, talk to our staff about what you would like and they will point you in the right direction.

Visit us soon to get the best garden furniture in Athlone!