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Starting your own garden can best be done by sowing seeds, nurturing them and then watching them grow into luscious and healthy plants. However, the best plants come from high-quality seeds, and finding the right plant seeds for your garden can be pretty challenging. If you’re looking for the best seeds to grow flowers, vegetables, or any other plant, check out our Unwins range.

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About Unwins

Unwins is a company that was founded under another company, namely S.E. Marshall & Co. It was founded 75 years ago in Cambridgeshire, by Stanley Marshall. The emphasis was already put on the sale of potatoes, onion sets, shallots, garlic, plant seeds and soft fruit to the general home kitchen gardener. Marshall & Co. was a successful business, with sales exceeding those of most similar companies.

A few years passed, and Marshall & Co expanded into a few other names, which is the moment Unwins was born. Unwins has been focused on selling the highest quality seeds and has been a household name throughout Ireland for many years now. Visit Fernhill Garden Centre to enjoy the full range of Unwins products.


The Unwins range

Whatever you want to fill your garden with, the right seeds can and will be found at Fernhill. Thanks to our enormous assortment of Unwins plant seeds, this is perfect for livening up any garden. Visit our store or our online shop and look at the many possibilities Unwins offers. Some of the most popular seeds Unwins offers include (but are not limited to)

  • Different kinds of vegetable seeds, like carrots, Jalapeño peppers and tomatoes
  • Various seeds of beautiful flowers, like Black-Eyed Susans, Cornflowers and Geraniums
  • Seeds of many tasty fruits, like strawberries, watermelon and melon

Taylor & Sons

If you want to enjoy your garden in all its glory for years on end, Taylor & Sons offers you the perfect solution of plant bulbs! Unlike most plant seeds, bulbs come back up for many years after being planted, ready to liven up your garden! Taylor & Sons has been specializing in producing high-quality bulbs, and thanks to them, spending time outside and taking care of your garden stays pleasurable and will absolutely pay off. Pick from various varieties of bulb plants to add to your garden.

Unwins at Fernhill

Unwins offers all customers an extensive assortment of plant seeds. This brand is well-known for the fantastic quality of their products, making for a recipe for guaranteed success. Visit Fernhill Garden Centre in-store or online to enjoy the full range. Any questions can always be asked our friendly and knowledgeable staff. See you soon at Fernhill!