Artificial Christmas Trees

Buy beautiful Kaemingk artificial Christmas trees online in our webshop. Go for a sustainable, cost-reducing, and innovative option: choose from our wide range of Christmas trees. Artificial Christmas trees make Christmas 2021 stunning, without needles that fall off, transport problems, or allergies.

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Wide range of artificial Christmas trees

Take advantage of the benefits of an artificial Christmas tree and enjoy Christmas without any boundaries. We offer:

  • White Christmas trees
  • Frosted and snowy Christmas trees
  • Everlands trees

Our artificial trees are easy to assemble. Any questions about our assortment, or are you looking for a specific product? Please contact us

Different Sizes

This year, Christmas must be celebrated with the most beautiful artificial Christmas tree ever. At Fernhill, we can't invite you to come over to do some Christmas Shopping. Therefore, we uploaded loads of Christmas products to our webshop. Here, you find artificial Christmas trees in every size. We offer mini artificial Christmas trees, medium size artificial Christmas trees and large artificial Christmas trees up to 8 ft. Explore our complete collection and find an artificial Christmas tree that fits your needs and budget. We show you green trees in every price range, always of top quality.  

Christmas Tree Stand

If you bought a beautiful artificial Christmas tree, you have to find a Christmas tree stand that fits your tree. The Christmas tree stand keeps your Christmas tree in place and makes the assemble job easier. Most of our artificial Christmas trees already contain a Christmas stand. Just open the two parts and click them together. You simply save your artificial Christmas tree in a box and store it in the barn, in the attic, or a closet. The next year, you take the box out and simply assemble the Christmas tree to enjoy it for many years.

Benefits of Artificial Christmas Trees

  • Costs. First of all, you have to make a big investment, but after the purchase, you can use your Christmas tree over and over again. 

  • Safety. This is maybe one of the most important benefits of buying an artificial Christmas tree. Real Christmas trees can become fire hazards as they dry out. Artificial trees are fashioned from flame-retardant materials. 

  • Transportation. Artificial trees are relatively light compared to live Christmas trees.

  • Allergies. Because of the lack of aroma, artificial Christmas trees are okay to people with allergies. 

  • Online purchasing. You don't have to leave the house by picking an artificial Christmas tree. Just enter our webshop and order your favourite tree.

Christmas Tree Ring

With a Christmas tree ring, you cover the Christmas tree stand and give your Christmas tree a lovely look. We offer Christmas tree rings made from willow. This material is sustainable and gives your Christmas tree a luxury look. Discover our fine range Christmas tree rings and choose between grey washed or brown. If you use Christmas decorations in colours like silver, white, blue, and pink, we recommend you to choose the grey wash coloured tree ring. If you decorate your Christmas tree with warm colours like gold, bronze, yellow, orange, and red, we recommend you to pick the brown coloured tree ring. The tree ring is easy to use, just lift the artificial Christmas tree, before you start decorating, and place the ring over the tree stand. 

Warranty Artificial Christmas Tree

If you buy an expensive artificial Christmas tree, you want to be sure that you are covered if something happens to your artificial Christmas tree. At Fernhill, we offer artificial Christmas trees with 12 years of warranty. If something happens to the artificial tree that you didn't influence, we cover the damage, and you will be provided with a new artificial Christmas tree. Most trees come with a two-year manufacturer's warranty as standard. If you register your artificial Christmas tree within 2 months of purchase, you extend the warranty period to 12 years. We always advise our customers to opt-in for this service.  

Buy artificial Christmas trees online

At Fernhill Garden Centre, we offer stunning artificial Christmas trees to fill your house with the Christmas spirit. Get in the Christmas mood by buying the right artificial Christmas tree. Make an investment you enjoy for many years. Can’t find what you are looking for? Please contact us. Please take a look at our fantastic range of Christmas Lights, Christmas Decorations and Christmas Village Scenes, too.