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Electric outdoor heaters

Looking for Outdoor Electric Heaters? See our range below or check them out in our Garden Centre Store in Athlone.

All kinds of heaters

Heaters are available in different shapes and sizes, which makes it important to think about what you need and which kind of heater would best suit your patio or terrace. First of all, heaters can be powered in two different ways: by gas and by electricity. Second of all, make sure to carefully consider where you want to place your heater. Heaters at Fernhill come in the following different models:

  •          Pendant;
  •          Standing;
  •          Fastened to the wall;

Pendant heaters

If your garden or terrace is not that big, or if you want to save some space for any other reason, a pendant heater is the way to go. They can hang from a ceiling like a lamp or a chandelier, but can be secured to a wall as well. Both options come with their unique advantages. For instance, a heater hanging from above can be placed in the middle of a terrace, providing each of your guests with the same amount of heat. A wall heater on the other hand grabs less attention and tends to complement your terraces furnishing and design more.

Standing heaters

Do you want to move your heater often? This is no problem when choosing a versatile standing heater. This way, you can easily distribute more heaters over an area, which allows you to heat an entire terrace at once. This comes in handy when organizing bigger events outdoors. The cold never bothered you anyway!

La Hacienda Heaters

The electrical heaters by La Hacienda are the best product for you when it comes to heating a terrace, patio or a seating corner with great ease. Thanks to the innovative technology used to create these products, you get to enjoy its warmth right when you turn it on. La Hacienda offers you a wide range of electrical patio heaters in its assortment, with every single heater different from the next. Whether you’d like a pendant heater for your terrace or a standing heater for a fun get-together with friends, La Hacienda has it all.. 

Heaters for sale at Fernhill

Cut ties with the cold and let the warmth in! Thanks to the wide array of heaters available at Fernhill, you will never freeze again! Come and visit our showroom and enjoy the various heaters on display. Do you prefer to order your backyard furniture and other gardening products online? No problem, as our entire range of high quality products is available on our webshop. Choose your heater at Fernhill!