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If you're looking for a professional barbecue, Weber is your brand. With all kinds of different barbecues available, they have a BBQ for everyone. From charcoal BBQs to gas BBQs and special smoke fires. Who says barbecuing if only for summer, doesn't have a Weber barbecue. Weber barbecues can be used at any time of the year. Enjoy outdoor cooking with a gas BBQ, which you can easy lit and instant use. 

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Weber Charcoal BBQ

Charcoal barbecues are traditional barbecues that work on charcoal or briquettes as fuel. Charcoal barbecues give your food the beloved smokey barbecue taste. Meat, fish and vegs taste best after been grilled on a charcoal barbecue. Weber offers different types of charcoal barbecues, for every barbecue lover. We offer several Weber charcoal BBQs: 

  • Master Touch
  • Classic Kettle,
  • Bar-B Kettle,
  • Compact Kettle,
  • Performer Premium,
  • Smokey Mountain Cooker,
  • Summit Kamado.

Weber Gas BBQ

Gas barbecues are by far the easiest and fastest barbecues to use. It's straightforward to lit, without any hassle with briquettes, charcoal or chimney starters. The only thing you should refill is the gas tank. We sell Weber Gas BBQ series, such as: 

  • Q series
  • Spirit series
  • Genesis ll series
  • Summit series

Weber BBQ cover

If you want to protect your barbecue from bad weather conditions, like rain, wind, snow, and the sun, we recommend you use a barbecue cover. For every Weber BBQ series, we sell a suitable BBQ cover. Store your barbecue in the shed, under a roof or under the carport. If you don't have the opportunity to store your barbecue somewhere dry, just make sure you cover the BBQ after every grilling session, to maintain the quality of the material. Our covers make sure your barbecue:

  • stays in good condition,
  • doesn't suffer from bad weather,
  • keeps out unwanted visitors,
  • is protected against UV radiation. 

Weber BBQ Ireland

Do you want to buy a new barbecue, but first discover all of the newest models that are now popular? Visit Fernhill Garden Centre in Athlone. We stock a large number of Weber Charcoal BBQs, Weber Gas BBQs and Weber BBQ covers. You can explore different sizes, functions and cooking equipment. Weber is a barbecue brand for both amateur cooks and professional grillers. Check our range online or visit our store in Athlone for the complete assortment and advice from our staff workers. 

Any questions? Please call us on 090 6475574 or send an email to info@fernhill.ie