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Green Angel

Optimal self-care and ecological consciousness perfectly collide within the brand Green Angel. Green Angel is a well-known Irish manufacturer of self-care products that are not only of excellent quality, but are also made of sustainable and recycled materials only. Visit Fernhill Garden Centre to enjoy our full range of Green Angel goods.

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About Green Angel

Green Angel was founded in 2006 by Chris and Mary Mitchell. Since her teens, Mary struggled with dry and sensitive skin and could never find a mainstream skincare brand that worked well for her. This sparked the idea to just create their own brand, and thus Green Angel was born.

You might ask yourself why their brand is called Green Angel, and the reason behind this name is quite essential. For many years, Green Angel has been a leading designer, producer, and seller of Irish skincare products in all shapes and sizes. Their products consist of the very best ingredients only, and all of their formulas contain one key element: Irish seaweeds. Hence the name, of course. Seaweed is a renewable source and offers excellent effects on the skin.

Green Angel assortment

Green Angel has proven itself to be a versatile and high-quality brand, with many pleased customers and great reviews. Green Angel’s range is quite elaborate, with the available beauty products varying from different kinds of hair care such as shampoos and conditioners, to luxurious soaps and face masks. The possibilities are endless. Some of their staple products include:

  • Multiple different gift sets
  • Face masks
  • Body lotions
  • Foot creams
  • Face creams
  • Hand lotions
  • And much more!

Human + Kind skincare

Human + Kind, a renowned Irish beauty & self-care brand, was founded to create a cruelty-free, vegan, and more environmentally conscious brand. Their products are an ecologically friendly way of nurturing your mind and soul and are filled to the brim with organic ingredients. Products such as various herbs, flowers, fruits, natural oils and vegetables are used to make top-quality natural beauty-enhancing items that perfectly suit your skin.

Green Angel at Fernhill

It’s no secret that Fernhill Garden Centre loves to incorporate sustainable local brands into its range, and Green Angel is no exception. The addition of Irish seaweeds into their products makes for even higher quality and more sustainability. Green Angel is a versatile brand with an elaborate assortment, so pick at your leisure. Do you have any questions? Fernhill’s staff is always happy to help you out. Any concerns can also be addressed through our contact information listed on our website.