Flower Bulbs

To make your garden look dazzling, start planting flower bulbs. Fernhill offers a wide range of spring-flowering, summer-flowering and late-blooming bulbs. Garden flowers cheer up your garden. Plant flower bulbs in a container, in the border, in a summer bedding or in a flower pot. Find yourself the most graceful flower bulbs in our webshop and start planting.

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Flower bulb varieties

We divide two types of flower bulbs: spring bulbs and summer bulbs. Spring bulbs need to be planted in fall, in October and November. Summer bulbs need to be planted in spring, in March and April. The only thing you need to keep in mind is that you can plant bulbs as long as the ground is not frozen. Fernhill offers many different flower bulbs. What do you think of the beautiful Lily of the Valley, Dahlia Edinburgh, Lily Anastacia, Begonia Yellow Double, Freesia Marianne and Iris Burgmeister? All of these summer stars will look amazing in your border, bedding or containers. Discover our range and select the bulbs you would like. Add them to your cart and we deliver the bulbs to your home.

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Spring bulbs

Spring bulbs are plants that bloom in spring. To make sure that they will bloom beautifully and grow healthy, you should plant them in autumn, since the ground is still warm and the bulbs will get enough watering. Try to plant spring bulbs in the ground as soon as possible. Exposing them to chilling temperatures will make them stronger and break their winter dormancy. What to do when you forget to plant spring bulbs before autumn, and the soil is frozen at the moment? Plant your bulbs in a container with potting soil. Spring is the season to bring pastel colours to your garden and into your house. At Fernhill, we offer many different types of spring bulbs. Make your choice and add colour to your garden.

When to plant Summer bulbs

To enjoy colourful flowers like dahlias, irises, lilies, begonias, canna's and other summer-flowering plants, you have to know when to plant summer bulbs.

  • Plant summer bulbs in March or April, when the chance of frost is over.
  • Plant summer bulbs in well-drained soil.
  • Summer-flowering bulbs mostly love full sun or dappled shade location.
  • Choose a sunny site in the garden, so the bulbs can soak as much as sun that's possible.

You will find loads of varieties in our webshop. Choose your favourites and get started with the preparations for a dazzling summer garden.

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How to plant flower bulbs

Flower bulbs have different sizes and bloom in various ways. Here’s how to plant flower bulbs:

  • Plant flower bulbs about three times as deep as the bulb itself. This is a rule of thumb most of the time by planting spring-flowering bulbs.

  • Adding a handful of grit helps drainage in heavy soil.

  • Water regularly. But don’t soak the bulbs.

  • Enjoy lovely colours, true scent and happy feeling with flower bulbs.

Buy flower bulbs at Fernhill

To enjoy your garden all year round, we offer lovely flower bulbs in our webshop. Discover our fantastic range and choose the summer bulbs you like. Some flower bulbs spread a sweet scent, like Gladioli, Lillies of the Valley and Freesias. We've got a wonderful range in our webshop. Just click the species you like and add them to your cart. Fulfil the payment online and we deliver the goods to your home. If you’re looking for specific flower bulbs, please ask our staff. If you would like to contact us, check out our contact page.