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Seed Sowing Accessories

Gardening asks for the best seed sowing accessories. Fernhill Garden Centre offers accessories for digging, sowing and caring. Are you looking for fibre pots, seed trays and propagator sets? Discover our range of tools and provide yourself with the most helpful accessories to grow vegetable, flower and potato seeds.

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Seed-sowing accessories are tools and materials that are used to help plant and care for seeds as they grow into seedlings. Some popular seed-sowing accessories include seed trays, seedling pots, seed compost, seed labels, and hand seeders.

Seed trays

Seed trays are shallow containers that are used to hold soil and seeds. They are typically made of plastic or peat and come in various sizes. Seed trays are a convenient way to start a large number of seeds at one time, and they can easily be moved indoors or outdoors as needed.

Seedling pots

Seedling pots are small pots that are used to hold individual seedlings. They are typically made of plastic or peat and are available in a variety of sizes. Seedling pots allow seedlings to grow larger before they are transplanted into the garden.

Seed labels

Seed labels are small tags or markers that are used to identify the type of seed that is planted in a particular tray or pot. They are typically made of plastic or wood and can be written on with a pen or marker.