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Garden Styling

Discover our beautiful range of garden styling products, like arches, log stores and decorative garden products. 

Decorate your garden with Fernhill

Style your garden in your favourite way using Fernhill's beautiful garden styling pieces! These pieces range from beautiful hanging lights, luxurious water features and other gorgeous garden accessories. Fernhill offers a wide range of garden styling pieces in all kinds of different styles, so finding the perfect match for your garden here is a guarantee!

Solar lighting

Lighting is an essential addition to your garden. It creates a fantastic ambience, makes your garden easily navigable in the dark and prepares your garden for hot summer nights. Keeping lighting out in your garden can, however, be quite expensive and even wasteful. That's why Fernhill offers its customers a wide range of solar-powered lighting options that are not only a sustainable way to liven up your backyard but also look beautiful. Pick from different models and types, like hanging lights, torches and lanterns. You name it; we have it!

Water features

Water never fails to create a perfect ambience of serenity, mystery and peacefulness in any place. Water features come in many shapes and sizes, and there's an ideal water feature for every garden available at Fernhill. Choose from various models and pick the water feature of your dreams. At Fernhill, we have fountains, lighted water features and realistic-looking rock- and wood formations. On top of that, Fernhill sells algae removing products to keep your water features looking fresh all year round.

Arches and trellises

Woodwork is a great way to add depth and detail to any garden design. Wooden arches and trellises are some of the most popular woodworks we can find in a backyard. Garden arches look beautiful in an entrance or as decoration for a path and can be overgrown with climbing plants to make them look even more impressive. Trellises are most commonly used as a border between private spaces to establish clarity regarding property, as well as a more intimate space.

Garden styling at Fernhill

The best garden styling products can all be found here at Fernhill. Pick and mix from our wide range and create the garden of your dreams! Do you have any questions or concerns regarding any of our products or our service? Ask us anything, by e-mail, phone or in our garden centre in Athlone. See you soon at Fernhill!