Classes and Events

Classes and Events at Fernhill Garden Centre

Here’s where you’ll find all the information about upcoming events at Fernhill Garden Centre. From free gardening classes to exhibits and cooking demos.

Our gardening classes are free of charge and all are welcome as we hope to teach you more about how to get more out of your garden and some useful hints and tips from our expert horticulturists.

Classes run from 4pm – 5pm which will include a demonstration and a Q&A session.


Classes Schedule

Houseplants with Gary

Wednesday 9th October at 4pm

More and more we’re being told about the benefits of adding house plants to your home, Gary will be adding his expert advice as well as quashing some myths too. Gary will also be teaching you about the best plant for different rooms in your home and how to best maintain your house plants to ensure they live for a very long time.  There will be a Q&A session after the demonstration for any questions you might have.


Class Information and Booking

For more information, please call us on: 090 6475574 or email [email protected].