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Welcome to our Weber BBQ department. Discover our complete assortment of barbecues ranging from Weber, both gas and charcoal. Show your barbecue skills on a sturdy, Weber bbq and surprise your friends and family with dinner at your place. Barbecues are an excellent investment if you fancy eating outside during Summer. Do you have a large garden? Think of building a complete outside kitchen. Do you have a small balcony? Choose for table barbecues, they will fit on every small space on your balcony, roof terrace or patio. Buy barbecue accessories to make the barbecue job easier. With the right tools, the taste will be better and the feeling will be fantastic!

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Where are Weber barbecues manufactured?

Weber is an American company. Weber BBQs and parts of the barbecues are made in Palatine, Illinois, the state where the company originated. Not all components are made in the US but are globally sourced. Weber BBQs, accessories and parts, like the grill, are manufactured in China and Palatine.

Are weber good barbecues?

Weber is one of the most popular BBQ brands in the world with the most comprehensive range of products and services in the industry. When you buy a Weber BBQ, you buy a top-quality product that lasts a long time. Weber BBQs may be a large investment, but they're totally worth the money. When you purchase a Weber barbecue, you get up to 10 years warranty on your gas, charcoal and electric barbecue. Please read the specific warranty of your Weber product. 

Which is the best Weber BBQ to buy?

Whether you're a professional griller, or just getting started, there is a Weber barbecue for everyone. Choose the barbecue that fits your needs, and practise your barbecue skills to become a grillmaster. Are you unsure about which weber bbq to buy? Here's a simple guide to find out which barbecue suits you best:

Weber BBQ Covers

If you're finished using your Weber barbecue after a fantastic meal, you have to give it a clean-up with a T-brush to remove all food scraps. After you've cleaned it, you can leave your barbecue outside, using a BBQ cover. Every Weber barbecue has its own cover. This offers protection from all weather conditions, like sun, rain, snow and hail. The next day, you can simply remove the cover and use your barbecue again to impress your friends with your skills. See our range of covers on the website.