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Kamado BBQ

One of the latest trends on barbecuing: Kamado BBQ. Enjoy many ways of cooking, grilling, steaming, slow cooking, roasting and many more. Discover our range online or visit our centre in Athlone.

Kamado BBQ

The newest addition to the barbeque range at Fernhill garden centre is the Kamado BBQ. Unlike any other, it will stain your food with that delicious smoky aftertaste. It promises to feed a whole group to satisfaction or just you and your lover. Unravel its secret and order now this beauty of steel for your home. 

The kamado and its features

With its large cooking area The Kamado will be your best friend during your next garden party. This barbeque maintains its heat for all day smoking due to its dual walled insulated steel. The kamado will handle quick temperature changes and offers a rapidfire lid damper, which boosts air flow to quickly reach higher temperatures. And after the feast? Cleaning is done in no time with its one touch cleaning system. Cleaning is no hassle, so you can focus on the things that are most important.

In the hands of the Kamado

From fish, to chicken, to steaks, the Kamado handles it well. Come and learn more about this Beauty and visit Fernhill garden centre.

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What is the best Kamado BBQ?

Kamado BBQs come in all shapes and sizes. Since they all have different traits and specialities, knowing which kamado BBQ is the best entirely depends on the buyer. Would you like a more compact model to cater to smaller groups? In that case, a Kamado Joe Classic will probably suit you best. On the other hand, if you prefer a bit more luxury and space, a Weber Summit Kamado is perhaps the best barbecue model for you. Whichever kamado BBQ you pick, Fernhill recommends enhancing your barbecuing experience by investing in a few handy BBQ accessories. Think griddles, rotisseries and more. After using your kamado BBQ, don’t forget to cover it up with a well-fitting BBQ cover and store it away properly.


Is Kamado Grill worth it?

Kamado grills have always been top-rated for their excellent quality. Not only are kamado grills known to keep their heat very well, meaning less charcoal is required to keep its temperature consistent, but they also provide lots of versatility and a great taste to your dishes. Pick from an array of available kamado grill barbecues and choose the one that best fits your needs.

If you’re looking for a compact barbecue that’s perfect for preparing smaller amounts of dishes, kamado grills are also precisely what you need. Do make sure to invest in a properly-fitting BBQ cover, to keep rain and dirt away from it. Besides that, Fernhill recommends getting some barbecue accessories, to enhance your kamado grill experience.


Can you smoke meat on a kamado grill?

Smoking on a kamado grill is a trendy way of preparing meat. While kamado BBQs might work a bit differently than what you’re used to, you can still smoke up some delicious dishes on them. Do you need some help? This is the best way to smoke on a kamado barbecue:

  1. Use a full load of charcoal and make sure that it is new.
  2. Place heat deflectors above the fire ring, to ensure the indirect cooking effect.
  3. Place a grate above the heat deflector, with a drip pan below it.
  4. You can use a water pan, although it’s not necessary.
  5. The perfect temperature to smoke is between 149 °C and 232 °C.
  6. Open a bottom vent, but keep the top vents closed.
  7. Close the lid of your kamado grill and add a few chunks of smoking wood.

But perhaps it is better to use a smokefire bbq if you would like to smoke meat on a bbq.


How to use a kamado BBQ?

Although kamado BBQs might work a little differently than what you’re used to, kamado barbecues are still relatively easy to use. What do you need to make the most out of your BBQ? First of all, knowing the basics of the working of a kamado BBQ is critical.

The kamado BBQ we know today has its origins in Japan, where the barbecue type caught the attention of deployed foreign soldiers. Due to the shape and material of a kamado barbecue, they excel at keeping their heat.

Kamados can reach various temperatures, each ideal for different types of dishes and preparation methods. Lower temperatures are meant to grill and sear on, while higher temperatures are perfect for smoking and roasting. A kamado BBQ can even be used at even higher temperatures, mainly for baking pizzas.


What is special about a kamado grill?

Kamado grills are usually made from ceramics, meaning they keep their temperature incredibly well. The material acts as an isolator, so a kamado grill can get exceptionally hot and keep that up for long periods. Kamado grills also absorb and radiate the heat in a way that guarantees very even and all-over cooking. This makes the kamado grill very versatile. Keep in mind that ceramic tends to be very heavy and a bit fragile, making kamado grills less suitable for trips or holidays.

Not all kamado grills are made of ceramic. Some are made of lighter materials, like cast aluminum or stainless steel. Pick from a wide range of options and choose the kamado grill that best suits your needs.