Having a luscious green garden where everything lives and thrives is a dream shared by many. Luckily, achieving that dream is now easier than ever, since Westland offers customers a wide range of garden care products. Attract local wildlife to your backyard, grow juvenile plants and protect your plants in environmentally friendly ways. The possibilities are endless!

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About Westland

Westland has always been about making people’s gardening dreams come true, by providing them with the right tools for success. Westland is there for all gardeners of tomorrow, and they’re available whenever gardeners need their help- in a frictionless, engaging and supportive way.

For a long time now, Westland has been a leader in the market for gardening tools. Here at Fernhill, you’ve come to the right place for an extensive selection of their best-selling products. These include gardening tools, pet care products and even environmental products. Innovation and brands are at the heart of everything we do, aligned with significant local and international growth.

Opting for Westland means supporting the local bird populations, growing your own plants and vegetables, and making the world greener. On top of that, Westland’s got all the tools for whatever gardening job needs to be done.

Westland’s extensive collection

Westland’s collection available at Fernhill Garden Centre offers our customers many possibilities of upgrading their gardens. Are you interested in knowing more about Fernhill’s large assortment of Westland products? These are some of the best-selling Westland products:

  • All kinds of bird feeders, from feeding houses to hanging models.
  • Compact grow houses, perfect for smaller plants needing additional heat.
  • Seed trays and small growing pots are very suitable for juvenile plants.
  • Various bird foods, are a fantastic way of supporting your feathered friends through harsh winters
  • And much more!

Westland at Fernhill

Westland is the way to go if you want your garden to be greener. All of the best products of Westland can be found at Fernhill. Pick your favourites from our wide range available. Do you have any questions regarding Westland or its range? Ask us your questions by phone or e-mail. Our staff is always happy to help you out in our garden centre or online shop. See you soon at Fernhill!