Garden Arch and Trellis

Make your garden look fantastic with our range of garden arches and trellises. Ideal to design a romantic rose garden, support climbers, or create a fantastic cottage garden. We also offer logs and composters to make your own compost and store firewood.

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Woodwork for your garden

When adding plants, ornaments and other decorations to your garden, make sure not to forget woodwork. For many years, the woodwork has been a staple component of every single Irish backyard. Prime examples of woodworks found in gardens are trellises, arches and even log storages. The possibilities are endless. Here at Fernhill, woodworks can be found in many different shapes and sizes, and there is a  perfect product available for every garden.

Beautiful wooden arches in your garden

Since the beginning of time, arches have been popular additions to gardens. Arches are primarily used to mark entrances and are ideal for designing a romantic rose garden, supporting climbers, or creating a fantastic cottage garden. Here at Fernhill, you can easily find the most beautiful wooden arches for your backyard and even let them be delivered to your doorstep! Add some gorgeous climbing plants to it, like roses, clematis or honeysuckle and create the garden of your dreams in no time!

Wooden trellises of high quality for sale

No garden or backyard would be complete without the addition of a trellis on one or more sides. The primary use of trellises in garden design has been the demarcation of private space, which is most commonly seen in urban neighbourhoods where gardens are often adjoined. By adding a trellis in-between, both garden-owners could keep their garden private and safe from uninvited guests. Fernhill offers you all kinds of trellises and other alternatives to mark off your backyard, which you can easily order online.

Garden trellises and arches for sale at Fernhill

Whether you are looking for a nice arch, a luxurious trellis or functional wood storage, Fernhill has everything you need. Come by and enjoy our assortment in our showroom, or shop online on our website. Any questions? Our staff are happy to answer all of them. Calling in or contacting us by e-mail is no problem either. Hopefully, we’ll see you soon at Fernhill in Athlone.